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Are you one of the 71% of employees who seek advancement and need a way to stand out in the crowd?

Seeking to advance ...

 ... your leadership career

... build talent to stay, and/or

... develop a cohesive workplace for remote/hybrid/in-person work?

Cohesion Culture™ Camp is a Leadership Development Program that guides emerging and seasoned leaders to become the best version of themselves as possible. 

  • Learn the seven attributes of an effective leader.
  • Gain leadership cheat codes that can be easily implemented to achieve success.
  • Challenge the status quo of outdated leadership principles.

Make that investment in your personal growth, development and advancement by enrolling in the Cohesion Culture™ Camp Course 1 - Be A Leader. Your performance will improve and so will your opportunity to impact your current organization or attain the career you will love.

Greater opportunity for self-fulfillment!

Learn from the pros ... Dr. Troy Hall, Award-winning Talent Retention Strategist, along with Team Building Expert, Ben-Jamin Toy, built the five-module course based on key leadership principles found in the best-selling title, Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent. Now, you will know how to position yourself to be "top talent" and the type of contributor the company wants to keep.

The Do-It-Yourself course is self-paced and can be easily completed over a five-week period. It is designed to help people, like you, regardless of title, task, or tenure, learn leadership principles that improve self-confidence and lead to personal career satisfaction and/or advancement.

AND, organizations can utilize this course to develop employees who want to thrive in a cohesion-infused workspace where people are included, have meaningful work, and collaborate to achieve mutually desired outcomes.

You will gain access to:

5 Modules of Course Materials

In easy to comprehend, bite-sized sections, the Five Modules cover important topics such as the seven effective attributes, transformational vs. transactional leadership and people-focused relationship skills, plus everything needed to prepare you for success in your current role or that next career advancement.

Up to 2-hours of Training Videos with Dr. Troy & Ben-Jamin Toy

Each instructional, closed-captioned video provides leadership advice in the form of teachable moments, plus practical ways to apply the learning immediately within the work environment.

Hands-on Activities and Workbook Exercises

Each activity encourages interactive participation through video instruction and supplemental resources. The workbook exercises recap important learning points and create the perfect blend of recall and application.

Weekly Challenges

At the end of each module, Weekly Challenges, encourage self-discovery, a time of reflection, real-time observation, and practical application of the course work. 

PLUS ... these two resources.

At no additional charge, your course registration includes access to an e-book (pdf) and an audio version of the bestselling title, Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent.


“Cohesion Culture Camp guides staff development for both new and tenured employees on a journey of self-discovery, relationship-building, and FUN. The course is easy to follow, and the time investment is minimal when compared to the results you will begin to see from day one.”

Diane Abbonizio
President & CEO
United Bay Community CU


"Retention is the new competitive advantage, and Cohesion Culture™ will help you and your company gain that advantage."

William Vanderbloemen
Author of Culture Wars

About The Coaches


Dr. Troy travels the globe inspiring leaders
to attain the career they desire while building cultures of cohesion where people have a sense of belonging, are valued, and share in mutual commitments


  1. Married his high school sweetheart in 1977. Has two children and six grand kids.
  2. Kissed the Blarney Stone at Cork Castle in Ireland.
  3. Rode a camel in the Middle East, an elephant in Asia, and a hot-air balloon in Africa.
  4. Fed a Koala Bear and barely outran a kangaroo in Australia.
  5. Shopped at a water mall in Thailand while seated in a boat.
  6. Was chased by an albino peacock in France.
  7. Zip lined through the trees in the Caribbean.
  8. Traveled to 45 states, over 60 countries, and 6 continents.

For more videos and facts about Dr. Troy, please access, his YouTube channel and Amazon author page.

Fun Facts about Ben-Jamin

  1. 26 near death life experiences (inches or seconds made the difference).
  2. Had a summer job as a gravedigger.
  3. Homeless for 10 months.
  4. Has been snowboarding for 25 years.
  5. He and his wife Dana were married on an uninhabited island with only four in attendance.
  6. They waited 6 months for the wedding to have a winter honeymoon in Jackson Hole to snowboard.
  7. On Purpose Adventures was created initially to be a way to get paid to do fun things by planning trips for others.
  8. He randomly ran into his brother in Prague who was touring with a band while Ben and Dana were on vacation.
  9. He loves to see the AHA moments and hear the laughter that comes with his teachings.


Ben has been creating adventures for friends and clients for over 10 years. These experiences typically involve challenging individuals to change mindset as well as physical perceptions of self. He interrupts the patterns of tradition to create more space for effective learning.

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